Monday, January 21, 2013

Basic Game Info

Hello everyone! As I promised yesterday, here are the plot and main characters of this visual novel.


You were a lively child. That's what everyone said. You had a nice life: your father was a bussiness man and your mother took care of you. But one day, an incident changed your life completely. You found your father dead by your side. This left you with such a trauma that you've been hearing voices and having nightmares ever since.

After this incident, your mother decided it was best for you to move to a quiet town to live with your grandfather. She thought it would help you, but it's getting worse everyday. But along the way, you'll discover you are not alone. We all have our weaknesses.


"I can't be as strong as you are..."
Her father's death haunts her every night in her dreams. She was really attached to him and felt protected when he was by her side, so his loss turned the MC into a gloomy and shy girl who constantly feels threatened by everything that surrounds her. But after so many years, she decided it was time to face her fears.

"I've never done anything to deserve being loved - really."
Leon is an outgoing and fun boy who has had an easy life. He's sporty (basketball is his passion!), kind-hearted and sweet. He might seem like the average cool boy; but he's not. Behind this appearance hides a boy with poor self-esteem and many insecurities and frustrations. Therefore, he is easily hurt by the slightest hint of rejection.

"It's just you and me! Is it that hard to understand?!"
Aiden is a kind and smart young gentleman. He developed like this on his own: his family is neither rich nor special. He is an animal lover and is very caring and well-manered, and a bit of a womanizer too. Beneath all of this, he's suffering inside. The pressure is killing him, and his inner monster threatens to come out and hurt those he holds dear.

"We just can't be together it... would never work."
Seth has had a very difficult life. He has been rejected by his parents ever since he was a child, and it has left a scar on him. He ran away from home as soon as he could, in hopes to start a fresh life, but his wound hasn't healed yet. So as to protect himself from being hurt, he puts barriers around him and pushes away everyone who dares try to get close to him. Despite his efforts, he can't forget the past.

"No one's perfect. No, not even me. That's because-"
Valerie is a friendly and strong woman who quickly becomes your only friend. She has a big family and usually looks after his little brothers. She really enjoys spending her time with you, and with his friends. But she isn't perfect either - she's got a secret she keeps from everyone.

Well, that's it! Don't hesitate to comment on anything, be it my writing, the plot, the characters or the art - we happily accept critique (:
See you soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Concept art! - Hairstyles

Now here I show you the hairstyle concept art for all of them :) Done by Suqling.

Here's Delilah. We chose B :)

Here's our sporty one! We chose A.

The gentleman! B was the chosen one.

 We thought C suit Seth best.

Concept art! - Clothing

Some character concept art for you guys :) Tomorrow I'll update with the story and characters. These were all made by Suqling.

This is the MC, Delilah. (That's the default name.)

This is Aiden, the kind and smart type.

What kind of game would this be if there wasn't a sporty guy in it? Here's Leon.

Seth, the mysterious and harsh one.

This is the final clothes concept for all of them, with their heights in order.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog! From now on I will post updates on the development of the game here. Right now the game is far from completion, but we are working towards that goal. By the way, I've put up a poll here! Be sure to give your opinion.


Story: ~10% (9k word count)
Script: ~10%
Sprites: 0%
BG: 0%
CG: 0%
Music: 10%
Main Menu Interface: 100%
Character Concept Art: 100%

So far, we're a team of three students developing this game.
I'm Kait, main writer and scripter.
Suqling is the artist and overall designer.
Ran is the writing helper and proofreader. (Plus moral supporter! haha.)

If any musician is interested in working in this project (for free, sorry), please pm me on LemmaSoft. Also, more writing help wouldn't hurt either.

You should check out our LemmaSoft thread! It's here.
We hope to keep everyone interested and release an awesome game.
I'll be updating with the basics soon. See you!